Friday Fancy

Below is a rose from the Valentine’s bouquet Joe got me.  I’m not a girl that typically needs to be gifted flowers but since last month, I’ve been on a hunt to get some nature in our apartment.  Heck, I can’t even walk into the grocery store without checking out the selection (hello, tulips!).  This bouquet is long gone but in their place are some shamrocks and a spider plant (which I can credit to my 5th grade teacher).  Here’s hoping I get to add some more greenery to the apartment this weekend!

Popcorn on the Stove - Friday Fancy

  • What’s your name according to John Travolta?  I’m Kieren Daveries.
  • Speaking of names, ever wonder how Democratic yours (or your John Travolta name) is?  This site will let you know.
  • A little background on Helvetica.
  • These photos of Captain Kevin Oprey and the Queen Mary 2 will leave you speechless.
  • An amazing video of dolphins and whales – all filmed by a drone.  Bonus: you see a mama whale and calf at the end of the video!

PS – I just wanted to let you know that Society6 is doing a promo where you can get free Shipping and $5 Off Each Item in my store!  The promo expires on March 9th, at Midnight Pacific time (and excludes Framed Art Prints, Stretched Canvases and Throw Pillows with insert).  You can access the deal by clicking here :)

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Four Times the Luck

This weekend was the Staten Island St. Patrick’s Day Parade so I am pretty darn excited about all things Irish… and Spring – even if it is below freezing right now.  I even asked Joe to pick me up a shamrock plant from Trader Joe’s this Sunday (which he did because he is wonderful).

It wasn’t very warm out this weekend so Joe and I spent some time having a nice Spring cleaning and reorganizing of the apartment.  WIth all this spirit, I got to making four desktop backgrounds for the big day.

Or for all year round.  Your call.

These are all free to download – just be sure to link back if you share!


Download Art Deco Clover background here.

Download Abstract Clover background here.

bg_shamrock2.jpg bg_shamrock3

Download Clover Stripes Background here.

Download St. Patrick’s Icon Background here.


I hope you enjoy!

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Friday Fancy

I’m sharing this photo today because I needed to see some Spring… and because I was starting to forget what the outside world looks like when there’s no snow on the ground.

I’m kidding.  Sort of.

20130607_ff1Anyone else over Winter?  I’m seriously at my wit’s end.  We had one warm day last weekend (and it was so glorious to open our windows and air things out), but this weekend will be pretty cold.  There’s even snow in the forecast for Sunday/Monday and rumor has it we’ll get about a foot – which just makes me want to curl up into a ball and cry.  Fingers crossed that’s not true… or that we get a snow day.  At this point, I can go either way.

Stay warm this weekend, everyone!

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Updates for the Kitchen

I spent the majority of my winter vacation (which was about 2 months ago…) relaxing.  Easily 75% of the time I was emulating a sloth.  With that said, Joe and I did manage to get some stuff done around the apartment.  One of my favorite things was updating the kitchen!

When we moved in last year, we organized the space the best we could.  It wasn’t an ideal situation – after all, we were coming from a large kitchen with never-ending counter and storage space to a tiny and awkwardly laid out kitchen… but we made due.  Mostly because this was still larger than our first kitchen.  Heck –  the dining nook in our current apartment is bigger than our first kitchen.

This is what we were working with:


One of the things we added was the Signe Rug from IKEA.  I really didn’t like standing at the sink without something under my feet – and there was no way I was about to spend a ton of money on one of those GelPro Mats.  I hear wonderful things about them, but I’d rather put that money towards Joe’s tuition or buying more boxes of crumb cake mix from Trader Joe’s.


Side note: you should definitely grab a box of that crumb cake mix.  It is delicious and looks very impressive when you bring it somewhere or serve it to guests… but it only takes a few minutes to mix it all up  :)

We opted to get it in black and white, which I think is pretty brave since we’ve never decorated with that color combo.  Truth be told – between the yellow walls and the orangey cabinets, any other colors would have looked ridiculous.

Kitchen Updates | http://www.popcorn on the

The star of the kitchen is now our Omar Shelving Unit (also from IKEA).  Joe and I had been debating what we should do in this space for the entire time we’ve lived here.  We tried using what we had but nothing really fit.  Ultimately, we opted to get this shelving unit… and then a few months later, before 2014 started, we finally purchased it.  It was painfully easy to build and makes a great impact in the space.  It gives us a lot of storage space without being obtrusive.

Yes, we purchase this so we’d have a place to put our important stuff.  Turns out our important stuff is tea, coffee, and fruit.

Kitchen Updates | http://www.popcorn on the

This is still a work in progress and we’re still tweaking what makes the most sense for us.

Will we finally get a microwave after being without one for the last year?  Perhaps.

Will we calm down on our obvious tea addiction?  I highly doubt it.

Clearly, these are not Earth-shattering changes, but they’re a step in the right direction on making our kitchen functional.  It’s always tough when you rent because even though the apartment/house/whatever is where you live, it isn’t really yours.  It’s one thing to paint the walls but it’s another to paint cabinets and knock down walls (which is what I’d really like to do).

Now… if you’ll excuse me… I have to put out a new roll of paper towels…

Kitchen Updates | http://www.popcorn on the

Have you made any small updates in your kitchen lately?  Anything you’re dying to do (you know, if money were no issue)?  Any other tea addicts out there?

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What I’ve Been Working on…

First off – thank you all for sticking around while I’ve been MIA these past few weeks.  You guys are the best and I seriously appreciate it!  I’m very excited to share what’s been keeping me away from blogging these past few weeks.  Mostly, because this is something I’ve wanted to do for a while.

Originally, I hoped to start an Etsy shop (and I had mentioned it more than a few times) but it never quite panned out.  Recently, thanks to a friend, I learned of Society6 – a great site where I can upload my art and they will print and ship it.  This means I get to focus on being creative – which I think is pretty darn cool.

So cool that for the past two months, I’ve been working on finally creating a shop.

Society 6 | http://www.popcorn on the

Yep – I finally did it!

I’ve added some of my photographs, graphic designs (including typography), and watercolors (some of which I’ve been sharing on instagram).  It’s been really nice to pour my time and energy into this and I’m really proud of where I’m at.  In my opinion, there’s a good mix of my work up there, and probably more than enough.

Society 6 | http://www.popcorn on the

When you go to my shop, you’ll first land upon my most- recent works, but you can search by which item you’d like as well as which catagory you want (ie. photography, paintings, etc.).

Society 6 | http://www.popcorn on the

The best thing about my new shop is that it’s not only prints you can order…

Society 6 | http://www.popcorn on the

… There’s stretched canvases, stationary, ipod/ipad cases, samsung galaxy cases, clothes, pillows, tote bags, mugs, and clocks.  Yep – 15 different ways to snag an image you like.  I find it hard to pick a favorite item!

Society 6 | http://www.popcorn on the

I hope you all get a chance to check out my shop out and that you enjoy it.  I’ll also be adding a link to the sidebar so you can easily find it in the future because I will constantly be adding :)

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