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I want to thank you all for your kind words yesterday.  I’m feeling much better today!

I’m also glad you all enjoyed taking a peek at some of our professional wedding photos.  I really enjoyed sharing our story over on Dan’s blog.  There are still plans for me to add a wedding page to the blog – I’m just working on the text (the page will show more of the little crafts I worked on and talked about on the blog).

While I was feeling under the weather, when Joe wasn’t successful at encouraging me to go to bed before midnight (I’m a night owl, oops), I was lurking on Pinterest picking out things I would like in my dream house.  Even though Joe and I aren’t planning on purchasing a house anytime soon (he’s in school so that takes priority), it’s still fun to browse around.

Obviously, the first thing I needed to do was decide on the exterior of our (or mine since I’m the one pinning) dream house.  They’re all pretty similar, although I do want certain features.  Like a porch.  I also like the houses to look visually interesting.  My dad told me that architects design houses with a lot of angles on the roof to make them interesting.  I have absolutely no idea if that’s true (I have a feeling it’s not), but I do find the houses with a diverse roof line more attractive.

{House 1, House 2, House 3, House 4}

Growing up, my mom made sure that I read.  A lot.  She and I finished the Little House on the Prairie series (which is why I think I’m drawn to series books) at home and in school I was reading Frog and Toad.  I still read often.  In fact, the only good part of my commute is that it’s the perfect opportunity to read.  Joe reads a lot, too, although he now uses his Kindle Fire.  I’m old-fashioned and prefer books.

A few times (okay, maybe more like a dozen), I’ve told Joe about how I hope our forever home has a library.  A library with a ton of books and comfy chairs where our future kids can lounge out and read.  It won’t be a study/library.  There won’t be any desks.  It’s just a library.  It’ll be cozy and wonderful.

{Library 1, Library 2, Library 3}

One of my biggest goals for the master bedroom would be to have a very calming space filled with neutral tones.  I am a girl who loves bold, saturated colors for the living spaces, but when it comes to the bedroom, I want it to be peaceful.  I can literally sleep all day so it better be cozy.  Something fun about this next image is that it’s got our bedspread so it was great to see how others styled it.

I also love the side table on the left.  It’s nice and wide so there is plenty of storage space (Joe makes fun of me because my night stand is always so cluttered).  The baskets are a cute touch.


In terms of the rest of the house, I hope that it has some old charm to it (like archways and nice woodwork).  I have no idea what I want my dream kitchen to look like, as long as it looks clean.  I’m sure there will be whites but I could go any direction in terms of cabinet colors and counter materials.  Ultimately, the style will be determined by the style of the house.  I think my only concern is that there’s plenty of counter space (a detail that’s become mandatory after our first apartment) and enough room for people to socialize in.  After all, the kitchen is the heart of the house.

I also hope we have a sun room.  Is there anything better than relaxing inside, being all toasty while it’s rainy or cold out?  A sun room is kind of like a porch for bad weather days. I fully intend on napping in there on the weekends.

My dream house list is sort of a tall order and I’m totally aware that whatever house we end up in, it’ll take a lot of time and love to turn it into our dream home.  Until we find that house, wherever it is, it’s fun to think about it. 

Do you think about your dream house, too?  In your free time, do you style it?  Have you already found your forever house (lucky!) or are you still looking?  Were there things on your must have/cannot have list that you refused to budge on?

PS – You want to check out more images for my Dream house here!

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  • http://www.alittlebiteofeverything.com Ainhoa

    I’d love to have a library, too. And a big, open kitchen.
    Another thing I’d really like is a “txoko” (something typical in big homes here. It’s like a second kitchen with huge farmhouse tables that’s usually set up in basements and is used for socializing) with a Smeg fridge and freezer set. And yes, the Smeg fridge is very important, because I love them, but sadly they’re a bit small for your everyday kitchen. So that’s the perfect compromise :)
    Oh and I loved reading your wedding story over at your photographer’s site! The pictures were all perfect. Although I think my favorite is the one of you going inside the church, you’re holding your dress so you can see your boots, and look sooo happy!

    • http://popcornonthestove.wordpress.com Kristen

      I’ve never heard of a txoko before but I like the way you describe it! I’ll have to look for some images to pin. Would you get the Smeg set in a fun color??
      I’m so glad you liked our wedding story. That photo is one of my favorites, too (although I feel weird saying that since it’s of me)!

  • http://www.casa-de-christine.blogspot.com Christine @ Casa-de-Christine

    Your dream home sounds lovely! I, too, am a fan of porches and I would really love a sunroom. We aren’t in our forever home but it’s the perfect starter home for us. Sure theres things I would change but you have to start somewhere, right?! I hope to one day build a home- a custom home that I design (I went to school for that).

    Glad to hear you are feeling better!

  • http://www.hisshabbyherchic.com Brandi @ His Shabby Her Chic

    I’m planning to have a library when Kevin and I finally buy a house (together that is), although he’s claimed it as his “study”. Either way we’ll have a room for books.

    Love the dream bedroom. It looks so cozy. I too can sleep all day (and into the night too).

  • http://attemptsatdomestication.com Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication

    Love it! Porches are important to me too and even though ours is a little small, it’s a great size for the house. Our house will probably be our forever house (at the least our 20+ yrs. house) and even though everything about it isn’t perfect, that’s the beauty of a forever house, you have plenty of time to make it your own. :)

    • http://popcornonthestove.wordpress.com Kristen

      I can’t wait to see what you do with your new house!

  • http://www.ourhomefromscratch.com John @ Our Home from Scratch

    Agree with all your dream home picks. The best part of DIYing is you can add some of those features to turn whatever house you have into a dream home. I would love to have a library!!! We’re not sure if we’re going to be here 10 years or 20…. we’ll see where life takes us. Oh, and your dad is right about roof lines. Guess that’s why I like homes with dormers (our current house doesn’t have any).

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