Blogiversary – Fun with Numbers

Keep in mind, I do not like numbers.  Me and math are not BFFs.  Instead, we’re more like frenemies.  Regardless of our relationship status, the numbers and I were able to play nice for long enough that I could present you all with some numbers from our first year blogging.

One of my favorite things about blogiversaries is looking back over the past year.  Young House Love tallies up the numbers each year and shares them all with us (you can see their last update here).  Seeing everything in black and white like that is pretty cool so I decided to borrow their idea.

66,780 : Total number of hits to date

268 : Number of published posts  (That’s just over one a day, minus weekends, for the entire year which is crazy when you think about it)

48 : Number of categories that have been created to organize the posts

2,751 : The most views ever gotten in one day (for this post thanks to WordPress for Fresh Pressing me!)

98 : The most comments ever gotten in one day (again, thanks to being Freshly Pressed)

1,072 : Number of images I’ve uploaded to the blog thus far.

70 : Total number of countries that people have visited from (since Feb. 25th)

1,599 : Total number of comments that you all have left for me (and I’m grateful for each and every one of them!)

282 : Number of times I’ve responded to your comments (and hopefully I’ve answered any questions you’ve had)

5,403 : Number of spam comments that have been blocked (and good thing, too, because most of them don’t make any sense).

7 : Number of months Joe and I have spent in our current digs

2 : Number of apartments we have lived in together

5 : Exact number of months we’ve been married (as of today, coincidentally!)

: Number of spools of thread I’ve completely used up during sewing projects (waste not, I suppose)

Anyone else a frenemy of numbers?  Or maybe you’re besties?

**All of these numbers are based on the info available Wednesday night.

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  • Ainhoa

    We’re more besties than frenemies :)
    288 in a year is a lot – you’re doing great!

  • casadechristine

    Wow- that’s a lot of posts for one year! And that is definitely a lot of hits and comments for one post!!! You’re doing great. I am sure these numbers will be even higher next year!

  • johnny51

    268 posts!! Yikes!! That’s a lot of writing. I would love 2700 hits any day and 98 comments!! Wowsa. I can’t imagine what your numbers will look like one year from now.

  • Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication

    That’s a lot of posts! Way to go! I can’t believe you and Joe have only been married 5 months! It seems like much longer than that! :)

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