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Woohoo – Another Pinterest Challenge thanks to Katie @ Bower Power, Sherry @ Young House Love, Cassie @ Hi Sugarplum, and Erin @ The Great Indoors!  I was especially excited for this one since I missed the Fall Challenge (Joe and I were away on our honeymoon, and I didn’t really have much time to craft, document, and blog my projects before we left).

Plus, I love any excuse to be crafty, although I think that’s fairly obvious.

Anyway, for this challenge, I decided to attempt something I’ve wanted to do for a while.  Since Joe and I have made so much progress with our living room, I decided that it was time to focus on the next room.  The lucky room to get my attention is the bedroom (oo-la-la).  I had already created an inspiration board for it so it was time to get going!

Joe is not a fan of the lamps in our bedroom and I can honestly say that I liked them more when I bought them.  You see, I bought one lamp and shade when I moved into my apartment at school.  I sincerely thought I was being so snazzy getting something so “grown up” like a lamp.  Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking either.  After graduating, I moved home for a bit and decided to buy a second lamp because I thought it would be good to have some balance (by the way, I only had one nightstand).

After about six years, the lamps were looking worse for wear and in dire need of attention.  I couldn’t really handle looking at the brushed bronze anymore.  Since I like to work with what I’ve got, I decided to spray paint our lamps for my Pinterest Challenge.

This probably sounds lame and not crafty at all, but I have literally not touch a can of spray paint since we were working on the cardbox for our wedding.  Plus, I had pinned a spray painting tutorial a while.

(Originally from All Things Thrifty).

Joe and I bought the spray paint (we decided on Valspar’s hunter green in a matte finish) when we bought the knobs for the tv stand, which was a while ago.  Unfortunately, it had been so cold and miserable these past few weekends that I hadn’t gotten the chance to use them.

Before I could start spraying, I needed to tape up the parts of the lamp that couldn’t get couldn’t get covered in paint.  This was a fairly painless process – just a lot of wrapping tape around an awkward shaped object.  I decided to put the cords in ziplock bags and then seal them shut with the painter’s tape.  It make things go even quicker and it lets me know that there is absolutely no way the cords can get paint on them.

With the lamps ready to go, I headed to the way backyard with the two lamps, can of primer spray paint, and a large piece of cardboard.  I decided to do my spray painting on the grass (I didn’t want to leave evidence on the driveway… again).

Since the lamps were a dark color, I decided to spray them with two coats of primer.  Yes, I know the green we chose is dark but I wanted the everything to look nice and the best way to get that is to have a good foundation.

Even when the lamps were white they looked a million times better.  They looked so nice that after the second coat I contemplated just keeping them white.

Lo and behold, I continued with the hunter green spray paint.  Boy am I glad that I did.  These lamps wear green well.  Real well.

Here’s a close-up so you can see how snazzy they look.  Even though the lamps look glossy (they were still wet), I actually used a matte.  We decided on a matte because we thought it would look nicer than a glossy.  The goal for our bedroom is to have everything be calming and a matte seemed to fit in better with what we had in mind.

If this photo was a smidgen darker, it would be true to color.  It’s almost dry here so you can see a bit more of the matte.  It may seem a little bold but green is our safety color so it’s very calming to us no matter what shade is.  I take that back, green is a calming color to us as long as it’s not neon.

Things were going well.  I took a 10 minute break so the paint could dry and I could give my fingers a break.

Then things did not go well.  The can somehow got clogged and at first I couldn’t push the button down but then I could and nothing would happen.  I called Joe (he was inside working on a paper) and he came out to try to see if he could figure it out.  We had no luck.  Rather than continue to fiddle around with an aerosol can, we thought it best to stop.  Wise choice all around.

After the lamps had been outside for an hour (and were completely dried), I brought them back into the apartment to take a look.  Maybe I could get away with what I had done already.

Nope!  Turns out I missed a spot on the first lamp…

… and I missed an even bigger spot on the second lamp.  Oops.

Clearly being the stubborn lady I am, I called Lowes (where we bought the cans from).  I explained that the can was practically full but it had clogged.  The customer service rep was lovely and told us that we could exchange it if we came back with the receipt or the credit card we used to buy it.  I have no idea where that receipt went to credit card it is!

For now, they lamps are just hanging out in our hallway.  I refused to untape them so we could use them for a week so they’ll just be mocking me until I get that new can of spray paint this weekend.

To be optimistic, I will deem this project as “in progress”.  I don’t think it’s a complete failure because so far the lamps look great.  Sure, I could’ve been lazy and just put them back in the bedroom but I really would like to do things the right way.

 I’m hoping that by Monday this is all finished because 1) I would like to have lamps in our bedroom again and 2) this project may be the kick in the butt I need to start working on re-decorating the bedroom.  I’ve already convinced Joe that he should throw the last two set up blinds up on those windows this weekend so things will be happening.  I just need to choose a paint color (yikes!).

So, what did you tackle this weekend?  Something you’ve been thinking about for a while or did you find something that instantly inspired you?  Anyone else ready for the Spring challenge??

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  • Ainhoa

    I love the color you picked! I’ve only attempted spray painting once put it was a complete disaster. Which is a shame because I always love the quick and easy transformations that come with spray painting. I’ll have to try again with that tutorial!

    • Kristen

      Definitely try again – it’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it. I think I may even spray paint the base coast of our nightstands!

  • Christine @ Casa-de-Christine

    Love that colour! Bummer about the can. I think you are supposed to clear the paint out by holding it upside down after you are done a coat and spraying a bit or something? I usually get my step dad to spray paint for me (I tried it when I was younger and I wasn’t very good at it) and he usually does something like that. Although he might just be making that up. I hope to try spray painting again- I think you just gave me the push I need. Thanks! Can’t wait to see the lamps in the space – and a new wall colour!

  • Rebecca

    Lowes never has us show them the credit card it was bought with if we have the recipt. Also, we keep every single last receipt that we get from buying house stuff in a large liquid measuring cups (weird yes, but it’s the first thing with a lid we found) so that we can always find receipts. Works great because we usually over buy so that when the project is happening we don’t have to stop and run to the store for more. We have even returned stuff months later and just had to do a quick search for the right receipt, which are usually organized together by month too.

  • John@ Our Home from Scratch

    They look good! Another coat and you’re set.

  • Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication

    I love spray painting! It’s so quick and easy! And I really love the color the color that you picked. Can’t wait to see what more you do with the master bedroom! :)

  • Ashleigh

    They look great, I am on the hunt for some similar lamp stands, good to know they can be spray painted easily. We made a world map for the pinterest challenge ( but spent the weekend painting the trim our hallway (nowhere near as exciting) !! Love the blog, you have yourself a new follower :-) xox

  • Kelly @ DTTDidc

    It’s amazing how a simple can of spray paint can make such a huge difference. Well, until it gets clogged ;-) Your lamps are looking good so far – hope the replacement can of paint is more cooperative so you can get your lamps done and back in the bedroom :-)

    • Kristen

      I hope so, too! We have a light/fan combo above us but it’s pretty harsh. Hopefully they’ll be back in this weekend.

  • Micki Weinrich Sellers

    Lovely lamps! Now you have me thinking…

  • heather

    Great job! I’m not that good with spray painting but I love it. I just have to be more patient!

  • michelle@decorandthedog

    Doh. I hate when things like that happen. So close to done, yet so far away! I’m excited to see them finished!

  • Erin @ The Great Indoors

    In progress or not, I like it! Thanks for linking up to the Winter Pinterest Challenge!

    Erin @ The Great Indoors

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