Disco Balls

Today is Monday and seeing as it’s now December, I thought it would be nice to introduce something new:


‘Merry Mondays’ will be when I share a fun project that you can DIY.  After all, crafting makes us merry, right?

Up first are these disco balls made from CDs.  This is my response to when my Uncle gave me four boxes filled with old CDs.  The photo below is only showing 25% of the CDs we have… there are even 2 more boxes still in the trunk of our car!  I can’t remember why he had so many but he and my Aunt assumed that I would come up with something creative.  As Barney Stinson would say, “Challenge accepted!”.


What you’ll need are some old CDs, some styrofoam balls (I picked up a bag of 6 from Michaels for around $4.00), and a hot glue gun.

You could also grab some ball ornaments – either new or old – because they could make fun gifts.


While my hot glue gun was warming up, I started cutting up the CDs.  I used a pair of scissors to do this step but since there was no padding, it started to hurt my hand.  I would recommend using some type of shears because it would probably be easier on your hands, plus a longer blade will give you more control in the shapes you cut.


Once you’ve got a whole lot of pieces of varying sizes, you can start hot gluing them to one of your styrofoam balls.  It’s best to start off with the larger CD pieces and then fill in those awkward spaces with the smaller ones.  You really can’t mess this step up, though.


And you keep going…

As you can see, I didn’t have the pieces touching each other.  Instead, I gave them about a centimeter or so apart so because I liked the way it looked.  You can glue the pieces as far or as close as you want them to.


And soon you’ll have a finished ball!  Wipe off any stray strands of hot glue and you’ll be ready to display them wherever you want.

CD Disco Ball Craft

Happy with how well these turned out, I’ve been finding different places for them.  For the Autumn months, I tucked two of the balls in our apothecary jar with some faux leaves and putka pods.  You’ll have to wait until my Christmas decor reveal (which I promise I started this weekend!) to see where they ended up next!


Are you doing anything that’s making you merry?  Perhaps crafting or finishing up shopping??

PS - I’m sharing this at the Dare to DIY party hosted by Decor and the DogMaybe MatildaNewly Woodwards, and Two Twenty One!

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  • http://decorandthedog.wordpress.com decorandthedog

    How cute are these?? They look perfect in the apothecary jar!

  • http://tickledwinks.wordpress.com Amanda

    That is such a neat idea! Love!

  • http://www.thebutlers2010.blogspot.com Laura

    What a creative idea! They turned out so cute!

  • http://www.alittlebiteofeverything.com Ainhoa

    That’s a great idea! I love it! It looks like a mirror instead of a CD :)

  • http://newlywoodwards.com NewlyWoodwards

    Really cute and creative idea! I have to admit, I think I would have tossed them. Good for you for taking on that challenge head-on.

    Thanks so much for linking up to Dare to DIY!

  • Christine @ Casa-de-Christine

    Looks really cute! Love them in the apothecary jar!

  • http://crescentnumbernine.wordpress.com Jill

    These are awesome!!!

  • johnny51

    Very cool!

  • http://attemptsatdomestication.com Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication

    These are so cool! What an awesome idea!

  • http://90daystoevolution.wordpress.com 90 days to evolution

    Very crafty! I’m impressed. : )

  • http://littlehousebigheart.wordpress.com littlehousebigheart

    Too fun! These are really cute!

  • http://www.groovywinelips.blogspot.com Allie

    This is a neato idea! Enya and Celine Dion can now live on as chic decoration! (Not my CDs, of course – my husband’s!) Much Dare to DIY Love!

  • Erin @ His & Hers

    Ahh! I love that they are made with old CDs! Brilliant :)

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