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So first off – how ’bout that game last night!?  It was quite the nail-biter (for me anyway) but the Ravens won the Superbowl and Joe Flacco was even named the MVP!  #bluehenpride

When John and Sherry of Young House Love announced that they were going on a book tour last Fall, I was beyond excited.  When they shared the dates, I was even more excited because their New York stop was the day before my birthday.  Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy hit that week (and boy did she hit hard) so the signing was postponed.

I think it worked out better having the signing rescheduled since I also got to meet John and Lisa from Our Home From Scratch.  I met up with them after I got our of work at 5:00.  We had heard that some of the lines at the signings could get really long so we decided to jump on sooner than later and have dinner afterwards.  This was by far the best move we made because the line grew very quickly after that.

The hour we waited on line passed very quickly.  It was supposed to be cold and gross out (so I was that girl in rain boots and a giant puffer coat) but it was actually pretty nice out, aside from a little drizzle..  John, Lisa, and I used it as a time to chat and get to know each other better.  The employees at the Soho Flor location were kind enough to pass out bags of popcorn (it goes without saying that I felt special) and cups of seltzer water to everyone waiting.


Once we got inside, it all went very quickly.  One minute, I’m just standing with John and Lisa and we can see John and Sherry, and the next, I’m there… talking to them.

I was so nervous to meet John and Sherry and my mind pretty much went blank when I walked up to the table.  To be fair, I have been reading their blog since 2008 when I got my first job out of college (this was back when there were “slow” times) so I think it’s okay that I got a little starstruck.

John and Sherry are so nice in real life so that helped me feel comfortable almost immediately.  Sherry was telling me she loved the sticky tabs I used throughout their book (and ladies and gents, there were sticky tabs everywhere because I used them to mark all of the projects I wanted to try).  I was able to ask them where the photo on their about page was taken (something I’ve always wondered because there are only so many ferries to and from Manhattan, one of which I take daily).

Meeting Young House Love

Meeting Young House Love

Sherry even thanked me for the sweet message (twitter) which made me think “oh my god she knows who I am” which only made me quietly freak out to myself a little more.

After we all got to meet John and Sherry, we headed downstairs where we got to enjoy some drinks and treats.  I opted for cucumber soda, half because it sounded interesting and half because it ended up being weirdly delicious.  You should try it.

Of course, John, Lisa, and I were completely serious at all times…

Meeting Young House Love

It was pretty full in the store, so we decided to head out to grab something to eat.  I brought Lisa and John to Dean & DeLuca – my current favorite place to wander around – and then to a pizzeria where we could grab dinner.  We ended up hanging out and talking for a while before heading our separate ways.

I’m not someone who likes to stay in the city after work because I have such long days but it was totally worth it to stay late that night.  I really enjoyed being able to meet so many of my blog friends!  So a big thank you to John and Lisa for meeting up and hanging out with me for so long (as well as snapping these photos for me!), and another big thank you to John and Sherry for rescheduling this stop on your book tour and being so friendly.


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  • John @ Our Home from Scratch

    Thank you for not being a serial killer… :) and I’m just happy I didn’t throw up on the table from nervousness when we met John and Sherry. I need to open a Dean and DeLuca in So Jersey.

    • Kristen

      Haha no problem! I suppose I should thank you for that as well!
      PS – I think Dean&DeLuca delivers…
      PPS – I’m probably going to go there for lunch :)

  • Melissa D

    So jealous!! :)
    Wish I could have made it to one of their book signings

  • Christine @ Casa-de-Christine

    Looks like such a great evening!! I just got their book yesterday from my sister-in-laws. They got it for me for Christmas but it was back ordered and then took awhile to get it to me. I can’t wait to go through it. I’m trying to hold off so I have reading material for our Florida drive!

  • michelle@decorandthedog

    Oooo, YHL and Our Home From Scatch. That’s one big night. Glad you all had a great time. Blog friends are the best!

  • Annabel Vita

    So fun! I love all your faces in the photobooth pics.

    ps. Which ferry was it!?

    • Kristen

      It was the East River Ferry (where one of the seasons of ‘The Amazing Race’ started) and sadly not my Staten Island ferry.

  • Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication

    Looks like a blast! I wish I had had another blogger to meet/hang out with at the Richmond meetup.

    Whenever I come see you, you have to take me to that restaurant! ;)

    • Kristen

      Will do! You should plan a Summer trip :)

  • Kelly @ Corner of Main

    Looks like a great time! How cool that you guys met up =)

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