Life’s a Picnic

This weekend was beautiful so Joe and I decided to take advantage of that and have a picnic in the park.  It was the best idea ever.

Actually, it was 100% his idea… so I sort of married a genius.


On Friday afternoon, we brainstormed what we would like to have at our picnic.  We decided out menu should include sandwiches (mine was hummus, lettuce, tomato, and avocado while Joe had a Cuban sandwich), triscuits, black bean hummus, and strawberries.  For beverages, we brought along lemonade and water.

Everything was picked up on Friday night while Saturday morning was spent preparing everything.  Nothing was a major time commitment so it was all easy peasy.  In fact, all of the food – and the blanket! – fit in two reusable shopping bags.  I am now on the hunt for a picnic basket because I’d like to picnic every weekend.

Aside from it being sunny and wonderful on Saturday – seriously, not a cloud in the sky! – it was still cool enough that there were no bugs anywhere.  Basically, it was my favorite type of weather.  Is there a place where it’s in the upper 60′s – mid 70′s, sunny, and no bugs?  If there is, I want to live there.



After scouting out the perfect place, Joe and I settled in.  We wore sneakers for the walk to the park but took our shoes and socks off as soon as we put the blanket down.  This was not shoe weather.  It’s the kind of weather where you let your toes feel the grass…

…Or the weather where you paint your nails outside (that’s how I roll).


In years past, because of my allergies, I sometimes forget how awesome Spring can be.  This year, thanks to what felt like an endless Winter, I’m completely on board with Spring – even if I have to take a Zyrtec and use an inhaler every day.

Totally worth it.



If I could have, I would have frozen time in that moment because it was so relaxing.  With Joe taking classes and my crazy commute, we haven’t had a lot of time together.  The picnic was the perfect remedy for that and we spent a good three hours outside soaking up the sun.  Joe even got a little red!

I also like to think that the park was sad to see us go as we clearly left our mark…


What did you do this weekend?  Was it nice by you?  If it was, did you take advantage of the nice weather?  Any fellow picnic-lovers out there?

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  • Katie @ pps

    SO LOVELY!!! I love this time of year – not too hot and NO BUGS!! I’m looking forward to picnics this summer.

  • Melanie

    That is so cute! We did this once, while we were white water-rafting, we packed a picnic basket and stopped halfway down the river on this little island, and had lunch. :)

    • Kristen

      I love that (although white water-rafting terrifies me!)!

  • Krystle @ Color Transformed Family

    Wow! Such a beautiful day for a picnic. I just love it when God blesses us with days like that. I wish I lived somewhere where bugs didn’t exist either. Our problem bug is mosquitoes.

    • Kristen

      Mosquitoes are the worst – they always find me and by the middle of the Summer, I’m all bitten up!

  • Ainhoa

    I love picnics! We had great weather here so we (well actually my parents) cooked a paella out in the patio. It was awesome.

  • John @ Our Home from Scratch

    A day in the park sounds spectacular. I tell all my married friends without kids to enjoy it while it lasts!! :)

  • Christine @ Casa-de-Christine

    This sounds lovely!! I sat out on my parents lawn with a blanket and my niece to play some board games and enjoy the weather. It was gorgeous here!! We also partook in some side walk chalk fun.

  • Kelly @ Corner of Main

    A picnic in the park sounds like the perfect day! How much fun. I hope to make a day trip to the zoo soon and maybe have a picnic also =)

  • SarahN

    Oh how lovely! I didn’t formally picnic, well, I mean, I went to an engagement picnic in the park. First it was too hot (and I got pink), later there was a short down pour! Crazy weather I tell you. Sadly here in Australia we’re going into Winter, but being ‘up north’ in Brisbane made things warmer and sunnier. They do call it the sunshine state!

  • Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication

    Sounds like a lovely weekend! I’m so jealous of your relaxing time! :)

  • Annabel Vita

    I love a good picnic! My weekend was a lovely mix of family (mine and Mr V’s!), good friends, sunshine, river swimming and meeting my brother’s TINY new PUPPY. x

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