So Fresh and So Green, Green

Well, now that that song is sufficiently stuck in my head….

One of the things I wanted to do in this apartment was add some greenery, especially since we were seriously lacking it in our last place.  I doubt I’m alone in this belief, but it always feels like having plants around the house makes it feel cozier.  Not to mention that having houseplants offers cleaner air.  Basically, having house plants mean you’re winning all around.

A few months ago, I had purchased some shamrocks and they held on for a long time (much longer than I expected) but are sadly no longer with us.  With that little bit of green gone, I decided to keep it going by buying flowers for the apartment each week.  If I was made of money, I would totally keep that going but it was getting far to expensive to grab a little bouquet every week.  After a week or two without any greenery in the apartment, I made an executive decision that we needed to fix that.

The first green purchase we made for our apartment was a succulent from IKEA.  It was only $2.99 so it was an easy buy.  The hard part is not walking away with 102 succulents.  After moving it around the apartment, it ultimately landed it in the greenhouse we had purchased at a later trip.  It’s a little empty in there so I’m hoping to add to it later on.  Probably with some rocks and some other little plants… but I’m just making excuses for why I should go back to IKEA and grab more of these.


Up next is some bamboo that we picked up at Home Depot this past weekend.  We’ve had lucky bamboo before (back at apartment #1) and enjoyed having them around as they’re very forgiving.  They were about $6 each so we grabbed two and some rocks for a vase we already had.  Right now, they’re in the corner of the living room, on top of a card catalog but they have a high probability of being relocated.  I’m also debating getting another vase for them because this one is my fancy vase and I am terrified of it breaking.


My favorite purchase was also from Home Depot – a pink bromeliad.  Truth be told, I sort of love it and I’m kicking myself for not grabbing one sooner (I’ve been crushing on these for at least 6 months).  The leaves are this great green color and the pink flower part contrasts so well with it.  It’s also low maintenance and incredibly forgiving.  At least that’s what the tag said. We’ll see if that’s true but I’m hoping it is so I can enjoy it for a looooong time.


Anyway, that’s my plant update at the moment.  Having these three new additions make me very happy so I think it’ll be worth investing in some plants for the bedroom… and the bathroom…. and the kitchen….  and the weird dining nook. Having plants in the little hallway would be too much, right?

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  • Ainhoa

    We have the same greenhouse! It’s really lovely, though ours is currently pretty empty since I always kill plants… even succulents. Oops.

  • Rebecca

    The pink bromeliad is beautiful! Bamboo is the only plant I can keep alive (and I’ve even killed it before) so that’s all we have. I had a tulip around Easter and my cats kept getting on the kitchen island to reach it (which they rarely do otherwise), so we’re at a minimal with plants until the kitties are older and know better, hopefully.
    PS: Do I have to sign up for disqus to post comments now?

    • Kristen

      You should be able to comment as a guest – just check the “I’d rather post as a guest” box underneath the password field. :)

  • Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication

    We need to add some greenery to our house as well. I really want a fiddle leaf fig for the living room, but I’d like some others as well!

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