That Time I Celebrated My 261st Birthday

Thank you all for your sweet wishes this past weekend!  On Saturday, I turned 261 – if you’re going by the candles on my cake.

Side note: the secret to my youthful looks is eating lots of cake.

If you’re going by actual years, I’m only 27.  This means I am now officially in my late 20′s (20-23 = early 20′s; 24-26 = mid 20′s, and 27-29 = late 20′s) and creeping towards 30.  I haven’t decided if I’ll follow my mom’s lead and respond that I’m 29 whenever someone asks my age or if I’ll follow my grandma and who has no problem telling the world she’s 92.  Both options seem good so I’ll spend the next 3 years debating that.

Anyway, I’ve never been the kind of person who enjoys being the center of attention (I always get embarrassed when people sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me) so my birthdays have always been pretty low-key.  Even though it was a quiet day, Joe went above and beyond making sure that my birthday was awesome.

To kick things off, Joe brought me breakfast in bed – which consisted of pancakes, apple cider, and tea. You could say that my diet this day was mostly cake-based.  Too bad it can’t be every day…

After breakfast, we headed out for a walk around the neighborhood because it was absolutely beautiful out.  The weather was on the warm side and all of the leaves had shifted to yellows, oranges, or reds.  Basically, your perfect Fall day.  I was in my glory.

When we got back, we relaxed a bit with some tv, movies, and soccer.  We got ready and headed out to go to my parents’ house where we would be having pizza and cake (which Joe made) with both sets of our parents and my nanny.  After a couple of hours there, Joe and I headed home and out to a nearby bar where I could enjoy a margarita and we could relax with friends.  Like I said, perfect day.

Since I’m now fully aware of 30 creeping up on me, I’ve come up with a list of things I’d like to accomplish by then.  I’ve got three years (or forever if I claim to be 29 indefinitely) to tackle this list so I think I can do it.

7 Goals Before 30:

1) Learn a foreign language.
2) Take a fine arts class – maybe painting or drawing.3) Finally finish crochetting a hat… or really anything that isn’t a scarf.
4) Find our ‘perfect city/town’ and relocate there.  Maybe buy a house in said ‘perfect city/town’.
5) Expand our family – though it has yet to be determined if it will be a feline or human baby joining us in the next 3 years.
6) Learn how to sew legitimate clothes (ie. Invest in some patterns and figure it out).
7) Find a job that makes me happy.

Do you have a list of things you’d like to accomplish in the next few years?  What’s on your list?  Anyone else tempted to forever be 29 (or any other age)? 

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  • Annabel Vita

    I’m 29 in March so I’ll let you know if it’s an age worth sticking with!

    Happy birthday again :)

  • Amanda Winks

    Happy Birthday! I really like all of your goals!

  • Ainhoa

    Happy belated birthday! I turned 25 yesterday and it was pretty low key as well but awesome nonetheless.

  • Erika @ Our Cozy Cubbyhole

    Happy belated birthday!! I also turn 27 this year so I will be joining the late-twenties club. I love those goals!

  • Amy McCarter

    Happy, happy birthday!!!

  • Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication

    So glad you had a good birthday! That Joe is so sweet to you!

    Fingers still crossed that your perfect city is Richmond! ;)

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