Back in November 2010, my now husband, Joe, proposed to me.  After locking in the major details (like the church, venue, and photographer), I started getting into the creative stuff.  You know, like flowers, favors, seating cards, among other things.  That’s how this blog began: as a place for me to jot down and share ideas about our big day.  From designing the invitations to making welcome bags (and filling them), I was a DIY bride – and our first apartment was often a mess because of it.

We got married on October 29, 2011 – and we have quite an interesting story thanks to a freak snow storm (you can read more about our big day here).

Now that we’ve tied the knot, I’ve moved on from wedding planning to trying to transform our second apartment into a home that Joe and I can be comfortable in.  This involves a whole lot of crafting and trying new things… like sewing, painting furniture, and coming up with new recipes.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying it all (even though not every project is a success).

But now you’re probably wondering, “Why the name ‘Popcorn on the Stove’?”.  Well, that’s a simple story.  Joe and I tried doing making popcorn… in a pan… on the stove and since then, that’s the only way I’ll make popcorn.  Using this method sums up my approach on life: always willing to try something new by reverting back to an old-fashioned method.

I’m sort of an old soul.  A sassy, old soul.

Have a question?  You can contact me at kristen@popcornonthestove.com