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Getting Out of the Red

For the last 2.5 month, Joe and I have been sleeping in a green room with red blinds.  This was not our design choice, but rather something we came into.

It has been interesting, to say the least.

20130429_redblinds1 www.popcornonthestove

To give the blinds credit, they are very good at blocking out the light (which I have taken advantage of when sleeping in on the weekends), but they are horrible in every other way.  When the sun shines through the blinds, there is a red glow throughout the room.  It honestly feels like I’m in a horror movie.  The room has also felt very dark and dirty because of these blinds.

The blinds aren’t even a deep red.  They’re blood-red.

20130429_redblinds2 www.popcornonthestove

That’s not even the worst part…  they were custom ordered.

Now, I’m not against getting blinds that are in fun colors, but this is an aggressive color.  I’m not sure if the bedroom walls were always green or our landlords repainted them before we moved in.  I like to imagine that the walls were black or red with these curtains because that’s the only way it can make sense to me.  Even with those colors, I’m pushing it.

Life has been hectic lately so it took me a while before I could high-tail my butt over to Home Depot and pick up some replacements.  I originally grabbed some white aluminum blinds but a sweet older lady recommended that I get the plastic version (I grabbed these 30″ blinds for $4.70 each).  The plastic blinds were the cheaper option – by over $17.00 each! – and they wouldn’t show any dents.  If that’s not a win-win, I’m not sure what is.

I’ve never changed blinds before so I was very intimated by this project.  In my mind, I thought I could pass this project off to Joe but it didn’t happen that weekend because Joe’s at the end of his semester and has a full plate on his hands.  Ultimately, I put on my big girl pants and tackled this project.  There’s only so many times you can wake up in a red haze before you have to do something about it.

Side note: all of these photos are going to be from below because I am incredibly short, even with a step stool.

I followed the instructions that came with the new blinds.  The first thing I did was pull the blinds all the way up.  This makes it very easy when you’re ready to remove them.

www.popcornonthestoveWhere the blinds are clipped into the wall, there are these little covers that you can slide right out.  Once you’ve done that, you can just pull out the blinds.  Be warned that there will probably be a lot of dust when this happens.

I tossed these suckers immediately into a trash bag.

20130429_redblinds4 www.popcornonthestove

While the bracket on the left was okay, the bracket on the right wasn’t installed all the way to the edge of the trim so it had gotten a little warped and stretched over time.  This was a simple fix: I unscrewed the bracket and grabbed one of the new brackets and installed that closer to the edge.

20130429_redblinds5 www.popcornonthestove

Once the brackets where in the right place, I just grabbed the new blinds, slide them into the bracket, and cover the brackets with those little pieces that slide in.  I also added the valance piece at this point.

20130429_redblinds6 www.popcornonthestove

Can we just take a minute and talk about how much better the room looks now without those crazy red blinds?  The room feels about 1000% cleaner and it’s much more relaxing at this point.  I’m actually a fan of the green on the walls (the red blinds altered the green constantly, and not in a good way).

20130429_redblinds7 www.popcornonthestove

And, rather than having you scroll back up top to check out what we originally had, here’s a side-by-side comparison.  I’m not sure how it comes across on everyone else’s monitors, but you can see that the walls on the left are sort of a muddy-green color, where as the photo on the right is a more accurate version of the green on the walls.


Yesterday morning was the first morning waking up with the new blinds.  While they definitely don’t block anywhere near as much light as those red blinds, they get the job done.  Besides, I’m looking to invest in some curtains for this room to help tie everything together.  I spent a decent amount of my Sunday just walking into the bedroom and admiring how bright and clean it looked.

Did you spend the weekend tackling any projects that had been on your to-do list for far too long?  Anyone else been intimidated by swapping or installing blinds?  What’s the worst color you’ve seen (growing up, our basement had teal blinds)?

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Pinned to Purchased

Roughly five weeks ago, I pinned a knob from Anthropologie (this knob if we’re getting specific).  I knew that the combination of brass and mother of pearl would be the perfect combo for our nightstands, but each knob was $14 and that is a bit much when you’re used to buying knobs from home improvement stores for a few dollars.

Our nightstands have been teal for a few months now, even though I only shared the finished product in February, and I’ve been looking for knobs for quite some time.  I kept hunting, but I always came up empty-handed.

And so, our nightstands have looked like this for a five months now.


At this point in the search, I was leaning more towards purchasing the knobs from Anthropologie but my problem is that I’m the type of person who will talk myself out of purchases all the time.  This isn’t really a complaint because this approach gives me time to think about it and either go back and get it or forget about it – it’s just annoying when you’re on the hunt for something specific and you’ve found it.  I sent Joe the link to the knobs a few times and he finally encouraged me to go get them.  I responded by reminding him that they were pricey, which he countered by asking me if I really liked them.  I did, and so I headed to Anthropologie during my lunch break.

Of course, while I was there, I found another (more wallet friendly) option and texted Joe this picture.  Truth be told, I wasn’t as crazy about it because the color was a little muted, but I didn’t hate it.  Joe still preferred the first option (shiny vs. un-shiny is a totally unfair contest) and so I got them.


The point of this story is that I did splurge on knobs, but they’re pieces that I really like.  Even if our nightstands get replaced, I will be holding onto these knobs.  They’re pretty spectacular in person (the photographs don’t do them justice) so I think this was a good time to spend a little bit more on something I loved rather than something I thought was ‘eh’.


When it came time to swapping the old knobs for these beauties, it’s a pretty straight forward process that I don’t need to get into.  I will share that I was so nervous about how these would look on our nightstands (because they’re larger than I expected) that I was very careful when removing the price tags.  You know, just in case it looked terrible and I had to return them.


When it came to trimming the bolts, I opted not to.  The bolts are part of the knob so once we trim them, they’re trimmed.  There is the potential for these knobs to end up on another piece of furniture so I don’t want to trim them now and regret it later on.  They haven’t been a problem thus far, so for now, they’ll stay as-is.


This close-up shot really lets you see how these knobs shine (the shiny factor definitely explains why I’m so fond of them).


I love the direction the nightstands are going in.  The deep teal color next to the bright yellow is a nice pairing, and the new knobs add a bit of sophistication to everything.  I’m thinking of painting the bottom of the legs in a color that matches the brass knobs.  I’m not entirely sure how it’ll end up, but I think it could be amazing.  We’ll see.


Do you splurge when you find something you love?  Ever talked yourself out of a purchase, only to end up regretting it?

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Teal, Dark, and Handsome

Remember that time I mentioned that I was going to paint our nightstands?

Probably not because that was back in September – yikes.  In October, I asked you all which color we should paint said nightstands and the winner was teal (Benjamin Moore’s Teal to be exact).  When November rolled around, I did paint the nightstands but since we were also dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, and therefore lacking internet, I couldn’t share the project.

The point is – I am finally sharing the project!

If you recall, we had the Hemnes nightstand from IKEA in black-brown.  I still don’t understand why we didn’t buy it in white to match the furniture but that is neither here nor there.

This project is very similar to when we painted our tv stand (which you can read about here).

After removing any hardware, the first (and most important) part of the process is sanding the tables and then cleaning the dust off of them.  It’s my least favorite part (and easily the messiest) of the process but necessary to help the paint look smooth.


After the first step was finished, I started rolling out the coat of primer.  I typically let the tables dry for at least a day before continuing.


Adding the paint is easily my favorite part of painting a piece of furniture because it instantly makes an impact.  It’s also the moment you see the paint color and if it will work.  The good news: the teal worked!  I’m not sure why it looks blue in this photo, though.


This photo (below) is the closet to the color of the tables in natural light.  As you can see, the nightstands were begging for a second coat.  To be on the safe side, I ended up giving these three coats before sealing them.  We also reused the knobs that the nightstands came with because I hadn’t found any fun alternatives.


For about two months, they hung out in our bedroom with out yellow table lamps.  At the old apartment, the walls were white so it was begging for color.  Now, our walls are green which means there is a whole lot of color everywhere.

I’m not 100% sure if this works but I don’t hate it.


When it comes to the bedroom, I kind of like the green in there so I’m not in a rush to change it.  In fact, I’m more concerned with other top priorities like swapping the red blinds for something neutral (they are absolutely ridiculous), choosing fabric to make curtains, and figure out the best layout for our furniture.


So there we go – they’re revealed!  And in all their glory!

Anyone have a project that they forgot to share because life got in the way?  Do you still agree with the teal?  Since I can’t decide – what do you think about them up against the green walls?  Is it too much, not enough, or just right?

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And the Votes are In…

A couple of weeks ago, I asked you all to vote on which color you liked the best for our nightstands.  The contenders were marine blue, twilight, and teal.

A few of you left comments that they looked very similar – which is true – these colors are very closely related.  Even with that tiny detail, a whopping 53 of voted (the most votes I’ve had on a poll to date!) and last weekend, I made the official call.  The winner is….


It was a close race, though, and for a while  I wasn’t sure how it would end.  All three of the colors were in the lead at one point or another.  By day two, it was clear that teal and twilight were the most popular options and it kind of kept going from there.

The final tally is a close one*.  Teal won with 23 votes (43%) while Twilight was close behind with 21 votes (40%).  Marine Blue sadly trailed behind with only 9 votes (17%).

*by close, I am clearly not referencing marine blue.

After declaring a winner, Joe and I headed to Doody’s Home Centers – a sort of local hardware and supply store – and grabbed a quart of paint (among a few odds and ends).  Now that we have the paint, it’s time to do this.  The cool weather and a forecast of rain on Sunday is the perfect excuse reason to stay inside and paint furniture.

It’s scary how wild I am.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to finish it all since we’ll still need to sand, prime, paint at least two coats, and seal everything up, but I’m hoping soon because it’ll be awkward without nightstands in the bedroom.  Where will our lamps live!?  The temporary awkwardness will be worth adding a pop of color in there.

Do you have any big plans this weekend?  Maybe tackling a project at home or out to enjoy Fall?  What do you do with your rainy weekends?

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I Got the Blues

You’re going to have to forgive me for my being sort of MIA this week.  We’re starting up our busy season at my job so I’m pretty tired when I get home (yesterday, I kind of fell asleep on ferry.. and if I’m being honest, I also dozed off on the train afterwards).  I promise I’m reading all of your posts – I’m just slow to comment on them!  This weekend though I should be all caught up :)

With that said, it’s time to get down to business.  I’ve finally narrowed down some paint colors for our nightstands.  It’s about time since I unveiled the game plan at the end of July:

I guess this chilly weather had given me the kick in the tush I needed to get going again, especially since I want to spend my weekends sleeping in.  We’ve got the lamps spray painted, we already own the furniture, and I have fabric for the pillows.  My “still-to-do” list includes finding a blue/teal throw blanket, sewing said pillows, and making some curtains.  Totally doable.

Joe has already told me which color he prefers but I’m still torn between the three of them.  Sometimes, I think I narrow it down to two and then I look at option three and it comes right back on the table.  The colors (all from Benjamin Moore) in the running are: Marine BlueTwilight, and Teal.

I’m incredibly indecisive.  That’s where all of you lovely people come in… I’m curious to see which color your prefer, hence the fun little survey below.  If you hate all three options or have another blue that you love/swear by, let me know in the comments.

[polldaddy poll=6547740]

Anyone else having a long week?  Maybe getting ready to tackle a painting (or other home) project?  Any methods you use to pick paint colors?

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