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Pinned to Purchased

Roughly five weeks ago, I pinned a knob from Anthropologie (this knob if we’re getting specific).  I knew that the combination of brass and mother of pearl would be the perfect combo for our nightstands, but each knob was $14 and that is a bit much when you’re used to buying knobs from home improvement stores for a few dollars.

Our nightstands have been teal for a few months now, even though I only shared the finished product in February, and I’ve been looking for knobs for quite some time.  I kept hunting, but I always came up empty-handed.

And so, our nightstands have looked like this for a five months now.


At this point in the search, I was leaning more towards purchasing the knobs from Anthropologie but my problem is that I’m the type of person who will talk myself out of purchases all the time.  This isn’t really a complaint because this approach gives me time to think about it and either go back and get it or forget about it – it’s just annoying when you’re on the hunt for something specific and you’ve found it.  I sent Joe the link to the knobs a few times and he finally encouraged me to go get them.  I responded by reminding him that they were pricey, which he countered by asking me if I really liked them.  I did, and so I headed to Anthropologie during my lunch break.

Of course, while I was there, I found another (more wallet friendly) option and texted Joe this picture.  Truth be told, I wasn’t as crazy about it because the color was a little muted, but I didn’t hate it.  Joe still preferred the first option (shiny vs. un-shiny is a totally unfair contest) and so I got them.


The point of this story is that I did splurge on knobs, but they’re pieces that I really like.  Even if our nightstands get replaced, I will be holding onto these knobs.  They’re pretty spectacular in person (the photographs don’t do them justice) so I think this was a good time to spend a little bit more on something I loved rather than something I thought was ‘eh’.


When it came time to swapping the old knobs for these beauties, it’s a pretty straight forward process that I don’t need to get into.  I will share that I was so nervous about how these would look on our nightstands (because they’re larger than I expected) that I was very careful when removing the price tags.  You know, just in case it looked terrible and I had to return them.


When it came to trimming the bolts, I opted not to.  The bolts are part of the knob so once we trim them, they’re trimmed.  There is the potential for these knobs to end up on another piece of furniture so I don’t want to trim them now and regret it later on.  They haven’t been a problem thus far, so for now, they’ll stay as-is.


This close-up shot really lets you see how these knobs shine (the shiny factor definitely explains why I’m so fond of them).


I love the direction the nightstands are going in.  The deep teal color next to the bright yellow is a nice pairing, and the new knobs add a bit of sophistication to everything.  I’m thinking of painting the bottom of the legs in a color that matches the brass knobs.  I’m not entirely sure how it’ll end up, but I think it could be amazing.  We’ll see.


Do you splurge when you find something you love?  Ever talked yourself out of a purchase, only to end up regretting it?

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A Touch of Spring

It may seem like I’m primarily focused on fixing up the bathroom, but that’s not true.  I’m literally all over the place when it comes to setting up our apartment.  Seeing as it was warm enough for us to turn off the heat and open up the windows this past weekend, I thought it was appropriate to start decorating the apartment for Spring.  Sure, we still have some unpacking to do (and I wasn’t sure how to dress for 50°F because it’s been so long), but it’s practically mid-March.  That means I’m behind in decorating!

Priorities, people.

Up first is one of our hurricane glasses filled with Easter grass and pastel eggs on our television stand.  I thought about putting a candle in there but truth be told, I have no idea where those are (probably with the Christmas stuff).  I’m going to save that idea for when we need a centerpiece for the table.


Most of my decorating involved our Expedit bookcase, which is one of my favorite things to decorate.  Heck, I even spent some time this weekend organizing the books on the shelves.  I’m such a wild child.


The first part of decorating involved our Jonsbo Barby table lamp from IKEA.  Since it’s hollow, I’m able to fill it up.  Since last Spring, I’ve been keen on these sweet little white flowers (for the Fall I always decorate with leaves and in the Winter I decorate with holly… and and elf).  The lamp’s shape sort of distorts the flowers and makes it look pretty cool.


On my trip to the grocery store, I spotted these sweet little pots of shamrocks for $1.69.  They pot fit perfectly in this little planter I grabbed at IKEA quite some time ago.

Clearly, this shamrock plant was the first thing I put in my shopping basket, which I then carried home every-so-carefully.  This explains why I am not the typical person who goes grocery shopping.  I return with things like carrot juice and shamrocks.


At the other end of the bookcase, we’ve got another hurricane glass filled with easter grass and pastel eggs, a block calendar that I won at a bridal shower, and a little chick who chirps when you put it in your hand.


I also got to hanging the wreath I tackled for the Pinterest Challenge on our front door.  Thankfully, there was already a screw in the door so I was able to hang it off that.  I don’t have a picture to prove it (yet), but it looks pretty darn cute up there.

So, did you start busting out the Spring decor?  Anyone else forget how to dress for the warm weather?

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I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t really started decorating for Christmas yet.


Typically, I decorate when I get home from Black Friday shopping, but this year Joe and I met up with some friends for some drinks (and some late night eats at a local diner).  Saturday was the day we got internet back so I was pretty much rendered useless seeing as I was trying to catch up with your blogs and the tv shows I missed.  Sunday was spent cleaning and typing up blog posts.

The worst part is that I still have the Fall decor out, just waiting to be put back into boxes.  At least everything is sitting on a bookshelf and I took the mice off of walls.  That counts for something, right?

Last night, I got the itch to start decorating.  This probably has to do with Christmas carols playing in stores, seeing everyone’s Christmas themed instagram shots (mantle shots make me very jealous!), and the fact that November is over.  That meant out with the orange candles and in with the gold.  We’ve had them for a year and I never used them so to help me feel more seasonal, I finally lit them.

You can’t see in this photo, but they’re on silver bases (these two from IKEA, naturally)… so you know, it’s silver and gold.  I apologize if you now have have the song stuck in your head.


The plan is to start decorating for Christmas this weekend and work on our Christmas cards (which should arrive tomorrow).  Then I’ll continually ask Joe when we can go pick out our tree :)

Have you started decorating for the holidays yet?  Maybe just Winter?  Are you done already?  

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Autumn Everywhere

This weekend, after going to dinner with two of our friends on Friday night, was filled with cleaning and lounging – perfect for the first chilly weekend that actually felt like Fall.  With everything going on in life (work, commuting, and Joe’s classes), sometimes it feels like Joe and I don’t see each other so it’s nice to be lazy together.

As I write this, I am snuggled up under IKEA’s Ursula Throw (which I LOVE, by the way) – the same one I was crushing on back when the IKEA 2013 catalog came out.  It keeps you warm but it isn’t so heavy that you’re sweating.  Plus, it’s easy on the eyes which is nice.

Other things that are easy on the eyes?  Our Fall decor!

First up are some faux flowers and leaves we have on our kitchen table – just some purple chrysanthemums and bright leaves.  I originally hated faux flowers but I really like the pop of color they provide in the kitchen.  Another perk is never having to water them.  We may swap these out for some real mums later on, but for now, I’m enjoying what they offer.

Another fun detail we have sprinkled through the apartment?  Our Martha Stewart Crafts Mice Silhouettes that I originally mentioned getting back when I shared my September favorite thing.  The pack includes 10 mice and 2 mouse holes which gives you a lot of opportunity to play around.  If we had a staircase, I definitely would’ve sprinkled them on there.  Since we  currently lack one, I’ve dispersed them all around the house – on top of our giant clock, hidden next to furniture, on top of windows, and all of those places above.  I love having them around and since they’re made from a thick cardstock, I’ll be able to use them again next year.

I’ve filled up our glass lamp with a strand of faux leaves again, just like last year.  Since we only have one lamp in here (the other is in the back room), I put both strands of leaves in there.  Being able to fill them is one of the reason I love our glass lamps so much, and I really love it with so much color in there.  I also placed one of our owls on top of a blue box I spray painted earlier in the year for a fun little touch.

I’ve also Fall-ified our bookcase…

Up first is our apothecary jar, freshly filled with mini putka pods, leaves, and some fun disco-balls I DIY’ed.  Those putka pods are so perfect because they look like mini pumpkins and miniature anything is always awesome.  Since they’re in the jar, I didn’t feel the need to add any cinnamon sticks or other spices.  I may end up moving this to our coffee table but I haven’t decided yet.  Soon…

You’re probably thinking, “wow, you have a lot of faux flowers” to which I would respond, “yes, you are correct”.  I always buy them at the craft store at the end of the season, when they’re on sale and for good reason – they add a nice pop of color and I can use them anywhere I want.  This hurricane filled with faux chrysanthemums – and a raven - is the perfect example of that.  There’s no way I could do this with real flowers.

Surprise!  More leaves!  I picked up this glass pumpkin a couple of years ago from CVS of all places.  You actually already got a sneak peek of this when I showed you how we updated the bookcase but I thought it would be nice to include it in the Fall decor.  Each year, I love filling it with something different – and this year, I went with leaves.  Filling it with candy would be a bad choice (because I would eat it all).

Last on our stop is our tv stand.  We have our two oversized candlesticks (originally three, but one did not survive the move).  I’d like to get some orange or red candles but until I find some that don’t smell gross, I am working with what we’ve got.  I don’t hate it.

On the opposite side are two pumpkins, an oversized key, and a raven.  I got the two ravens together back in September.  Originally, I was going to buy a giant owl but when I realized that it would be cheaper to get two ravens, I went that route.  Also, I love Joe Flacco who plays for the Baltimore Ravens sooo… pretty easy decision.  The orange pumpkin I’ve had since 2007 – my aunt and uncle sent me a bouquet of flowers in it for my birthday – and the black pumpkin came home with me when I bought the ravens because hello, it’s a glitter pumpkin.  Totally perfect.  That key is just an old key is one of the keys I found a while ago – some of which I used for some framed key art.

I’ve been pinning some inspiration on my Halloween Board so I think I’m going to start decorating for Halloween soon.  Joe and I have plans to go pumpkin picking and get lost in a corn maze – nothing like tackling our Autumn To-Do List.  Of course, I’ll share photos of these fun things afterwards.

How have you finished decorating for the Fall?  Maybe decorated for Halloween already?  Any one  create an Autumn to-do list of their own?  

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Tulle-ing Around and Around…

Yesterday, I gave you all a clue about today’s project:

Were you guys able to figure it out?  Kim at NewlyWoodwards guessed a tutu which is pretty darn close (the shape and materials are right).

So what the heck did I do this weekend?  I made a wreath!    A Fall wreath if we’re getting specific :)

I had originally found my inspiration wreath on Pinterest (it’s originally from Etsy).  Since the Etsy listing was a bit more than I hoped to spend on a Fall wreath, I decided to DIY it.

Since I was DIY-ing it, I decided to make a few changes to better suit my tastes.  Instead of using a flat wreath, I went with a spherical wreath since I liked that shape more (that was $6.99) and I picked up some red, orange glitter, yellow, green, and purple tulle (all together, it was about $13.00).  It was surpassingly difficult to find Fall colors near me  - it seems like they only sell white, baby pink, and baby blue.  Eventually, I found some “Fall” colors at A.C. Moore, though they were on the brighter side… and the orange was covered in glitter.  Other options included getting orange, purple, and black for Halloween but I wanted to get a lot of use out as much as possible.

To start, I would cut about 4-5″ strips of the tulle (it’s going to depend on the size of the ring and how long you want the tulle to be).  I found it made the process easier if I would just cut a bunch of strips out before hand and then just focus on tying everything on.

I also made sure to follow a pattern – green, yellow, purple, red, orange – so that it didn’t get too unbalanced.

As I tied the tulle to the ring, I would take the front piece of the last tulle knot and  tuck it under the new knot and slide it back to the rest.  This worked out well – it kept the knots hidden on one side and helped the tulle kind of blend together nicely.

I will be honest and say that this is sort of a time-consuming project.  It must’ve taken at least two hours for me to tie all the tulle around the wreath and since it’s a tedious job, I needed to take a few breaks.  Also, while the glitter tulle looks nice, there is orange glitter everywhere in our living room.  If they had a regular orange, I would’ve grabbed that instead.

It was a great feeling to see it when it was all done.  The wreath finished at the perfect time because I ended it on my last piece of orange tulle (I have loads left of the other colors).

To help make this even more Fall festive, I hot glued some leaves and purple flowers (both of which I had in our Fall decor storage box).  I’m very happy with how they look on the wreath.

I have a spool of silver wire so I snipped a little piece and twisted a little hook on the back so I could hang it on our front door.  This may be one of my favorite wreaths yet.  It’s bright and cheery, but still very Fall appropriate.

Now I’m curious – do you hang anything on your front door for the seasons or do you prefer to keep it bare?  Have you tacked a Fall decor project lately?  Anyone else in full-blow Fall decorating mode (like me)?  

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