Welcome our third apartment!

We’re up on the second floor so after walking up the stairs, you’re at our second front door.  When you first walk in, you immediately see a long hallway but on your left is the living room.

This is a great space – there are hardwood floors and stained wood trim around the windows and molding.  There’s even a giant closet located in there!  Another cool feature is the blinds – they’re the pull down/push up blinds, which I’m very excited to have.  Just like apartment #2, we have cast-iron radiators throughout the apartment, which I’ve already proclaimed my love for.

The wall color isn’t our favorite (it’s sort of a pale flesh color and definitely on our list of things to tackle) but it’s not offensive so we can live with it for a little bit.   Since there’s no overhead lighting in this room, we’re going to have to think of some creative ways to brighten it up.

livingroom http://popcornonthestove.com

Since moving in, we’ve rearranged the living room multiple times (and for some odd reason, always at night).  What we’ve ended up with is a cozy layout.

Almost everything in this room is what we already had from our second apartment.  In fact, the only purchase we’ve made for this room thus far is the curtains (which, by the way, has been the best investment ever).


Originally, we had the two card catalogs flanking our yellow TV stand, but the layout never really worked.  They couldn’t be centered on the wall because of the thermostat and they made our television look smaller than it already is.  To remedy that, we brought our expedit front and center.  I’m particularly font of this because we get to see all of our books (which I’ve organized by color).  Framing the bookshelf are the shelving units we used to organize our last apartment’s closets.  They didn’t work in our new closets, so we thought it’d be nice to bring them front and center – and as soon as the weather cools down, they will be painted and brightened up!


Joe and I also moved the dining table out to the living room.  It’s in the back corner so it’s sort of out of the way, but it’s been more useful than ever before.  Aside from eating there, we can now use it when we’re on our laptops, when we’re doing homework, or craft projects.


One of my favorite details of this room is that we turned the large, walk in closet into an office.  The desk fits perfectly, and it’s nice to hide it away when we have company.  There is still lots of organizing to do for the top shelves, but it’s nothing a weekend can’t fix!


The next room you walk into is the butler’s pantry – a feature you don’t find in many homes anymore.  On one side of the room it just looks like a plain jane, but on the other…

butlerpantry2 http://popcornonthestove.com

… there’s this great built-in cabinet with glass cabinets and lots of hidden storage.  I’m most excited to display our fine china in there (though I will be personalizing this a bit) but it’ll also be a great place to prep or place food, especially when we have friends or family over.

Did you catch a glimpse of that arched doorway?  It’s the only doorway like that in the apartment so it makes it feel extra special.

butlerpantry1 http://popcornonthestove.com

For a while, we had our kitchen table in here but it just didn’t work.  It was way too large for the space and would’ve made it impossible to entertain guests.  Once the table was gone, we decided to bring in our buffet.  It’s mostly empty (as all of our fancy glasses and plate are in the built in) so we’re contemplating selling it, but for now it’s been a great home for our radio and large pieces of fabric I’ve got.

We also brought in my easel so I can use this room to paint when the need strikes.  Now all I need is a cozy seat…


Our next stop is the kitchen.  This is definitely smaller than what we’ve become accustomed to but it’s pretty charming so I don’t think it’ll be an issue for us.  Up above are cabinets with glass doors where we can display our plates, while we can hide pots and pants in the cabinets underneath.  There’s even a pantry (you can see the doorknob in the picture below) so there’s a surprising amount of storage in here.

Joe and I really like the color on the walls so this will most likely stay as-is.  Changes on the agenda are removing that weird shelf (the previous tenant added it but it makes it hard to reach anything in those cabinets on the right, plus it’s sort of dingy).  We’ll also be adding a refrigerator, once we figure that situation out, and hopefully a kitchen cart with a microwave.

Kitchen http://popcornonthestove.com

As of this point, all we’ve done with the kitchen is move our stuff in and buy a refrigerator.

20130320_kitchen1 http://www.popcornonthestove.com/

A bit down the hallway is the bedroom.  This room also has hardwood floors and it very large (it’ll hold all of our bedroom furniture and then some!) and a closet that feels like it’ll never end.  Joe and I really like green on the walls but we’re not so crazy about the red/magenta blinds.  It may involve making some curtains, or just flat our replacing them.  We’ll have to figure that out…

bedroom http://popcornonthestove.com

Right outside the bedroom is the bathroom… which I am so crazy about.  There’s a bathtub!  And a linen closet!  And towel racks!  There’s even an archway above the shower which is such a fun architectural touch.

bathroom http://popcornonthestove.com

Since we’re renting, there’s not a whole lot we can do to change it up, but one of the first things I did was remove the mini-shower curtain (which you can see in the above photo) from the window inside the shower and replace it with a window film.

20130311_bathwindow8 http://www.popcornonthestove.com/

We also invested in a new shower curtain and shower mat.

20130304_bathroom1 http://www.popcornonthestove.com/

So that about wraps up the apartment tour!  Be sure to stick around as we make it ours!