Welcome to our apartment!  We’ve been living here since August 2011 and have done quite a bit to make this place feel more “us” – as much as we can do to a rental.


The Entry Way

This is the view of our apartment when you walk through our front door.  It’s pretty much the same as when we moved in.  All we’ve done to date is hang a coat rack.


Living Room

Immediately on your left, you enter the living room.  Joe and I were excited to work with this space when we first moved in because there was so much potential.

During the past year, we’ve made plenty of changes in our living room, from painting the walls a nice shade of grey to rearranging the furniture a few times (which also includes adding a bookcase and a library card catalog).  Some other fun additions have been hanging our giant wall clock, adding a wall gallery (you can see its most up-to-date state here), and sewing our own curtains.

The most recent update we’ve made to our living room was when we purchased a new rug… and put our air conditioning unit away.



When we walked in to our new bedroom, we were faced with a completely blank slate – which was very exciting!  Our last apartment had a bedroom that was more of a rectangular shape and one giant closet.  Now we have a spacious, square-shaped room and his and her closets (which I am a big fan of).

The bedroom has seen some small changes.  We moved in our bedroom furniture (a bed and dresser) and swapped our old duvet for the comforter we got as a wedding present.  We’ve been able to hang some shades and I’ve spray painted our lamps yellow.  There’s quite a few more plans in the works (one of which is painting our nightstands).



We haven’t really done much with our kitchen except fill it up with our stuff.  Since we rent, we can’t do any real updating but compared to our last previous apartment, this is quite the luxury.


Dining Area

Technically, the dining area is still a part of the kitchen – it’s even painted in that same peachy color as the kitchen.

When we originally moved in, we filled this space with our dining table and chairs.  For the chairs, I added IKEA chair cushions to make them a little more comfortable.  We also added dresser we had previous painted (Martha Stewart’s Cornbread).  Pretty bare bones but it worked for us.

While the table and chairs remains the same, there have been quite a few changes in this area. We’ve replaced our yellow dresser with a buffet we built, giving all our fine china and other dining knickknacks a home.   Above that are some framed postcards we bought on our honeymoon and across the room is a handed-down bookcase that fit perfectly in the dining area’s awkward nook (which you can read about here).  Our wedding date on a ribbon has been taken down and new blinds have been added.



Seeing as our bathroom is completely tiled (floor to ceiling), we can’t make any real updates to it.


Second Bedroom

This has been turned into a catch-all room.  Whenever something new comes into our apartment, we end up dumping it in there.  We have a donation pile and some of Joe’s sister’s things back there, but as soon as those things are cleared out (soon!), we’ll be converting that spare bedroom into an office.