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Why Don’t We Live Here??

That’s the question I asked Joe today.

Seriously, though.  Why don’t we live here though?  London is a beautiful city and we are immensely enjoying ourselves.

I suppose it would be fair to tell you that the two days we’ve been here have been warm and sunny.  That probably helps us loving it, but I have always wanted to travel here.

It feels like we’re just stumbling upon different sites today.

After sleeping for 15 hours (totally justified – we only slept a couple of hours on the flight and walked around all day yesterday… oh, and it’s my birthday so I’m allowed to sleep!), we decided to head over to Westminster.  As soon as we got off the tube, we were literally staring down Big Ben.  Can I just tell you that it’s far prettier in person?  ‘Cause it is.  We got to see the Houses of Parliament, which was beautiful.

Once we relaxed for a bit (and Joe ate Breakfast), we headed back to Westminster Abbey and explored there a bit.  As an art history geek, I love this stuff.  I am all about it.  We spent at least an hour and a half there – although probably more like two.  Can’t get enough of this stuff. There are so many amazing details.  Oh, and it was so cool to see it in person after watching the Royal Wedding.

When we walked outside, we stumbled into St. James’s Park.  Do you know how many birds they have there?  Roughly a billion. Many of them I had never seen before. Then we decided that we needed to find food before continuing on.  There was this cute little café we found on Pall Mall that got the job done. Good sandwiches!

As soon as we finished eating, we walked back towards the Horse Guards building and then to the Churchill’s Cabinet War Rooms.  Totally worth checking out, by the way.  It was so interesting to see how things were set up and how these leaders lived during WWII.  Once we were finished with that tour, we thought it would be a good idea to head over to Buckingham Palace.  It was starting to get dark though, so I don’t think I got very good photos.  It was fun to see it.

Right now, we’re back at our room and getting ready to go out (hence the short post).  I promise that as soon as we get home, I will give a more detailed itinerary.  I will also upload so many pictures that you’ll hate me.

That camera is the best investment we ever made.

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Almost Time to Make-Up

My make-up “trial” is scheduled for October 1st.

I know what you’re thinking and no, I haven’t decided to have someone do my make-up the day of the wedding.  I’m still pulling a Kate Middleton and doing it myself.

She had the right idea.  On my wedding day, I want to look like me.

This “trial” is purely just me going to the Laura Mercier make-up counter at the mall and having one of their cosmetic artists give me a wedding look.  Part of the deal is that you have to spend a certain amount on their products but let’s be honest – I was going to do that anyway.  I’m not just going to buy the make up, though (that would’ve been taken care of this past weekend when I was buying oh so many flip-flops).  The make up artist is going to give me some pointers like how to conceal any under eye circles (I hope), what eyeshadow will complement my skin tone the most, and how to keep it lasting all day.

Getting this “trial” is the best option for me.  I still want to look nice the day of.

Since I’ve been using this line since I was 17 (yep – I had a trial done for when I went to my prom), I know it works well with my skin.  That’s roughly 8 years worth of experience.  Did you know that the person who taught me how to do my make up was a man?  It’s true.  A male make-up artist taught me how to doll myself up.  He’s the reason I make sure to moisturize my face every day.  I’ll be thanking him when I’m 60 years old.

I’ve started browsing around for different wedding looks.  I really should get an idea of how I’d like to look the day of the wedding.  Plus, if I have an image of what I like, the Laura Mercier make-up artist may be able to replicate the look and teach me how to do it.  That would be awesome.

So far, this is my favorite look.  Very simple and sweet.  Although, I would like to be wearing a bit more color on my lips.  That’s just my personal preference.

I’d like to stay away from anything harsh or overly dramatic.

I’d also like to find an eyeliner that doesn’t smudge, but that’s for another day.

{Image of bridal look from Style Me Pretty.}

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Thoughts on the Royal Wedding

Two posts in one day.  I’m out of control.  I didn’t want to wait until Monday to post this so you can read it now.

Today was rough.  After waking up at 4:00AM and working a full day, I have finally made it back home.  I think I survived because of the massive amount of tea and fruit I had throughout the day.  It being sunny didn’t hurt either.

The entire 8 hours spent at work, there was chatter about the Royal Wedding.  Everyone had opinions on the dress, the church, the hats… you name it.  After letting the day sink in, I’m able to explain where I stand on the issues.

The Crowd

I loved how excited everyone was.  There were people dressed up in formal attire.  There were people dressed in patriotic attire.  Children.  Adults.  You name it.  Britain’s flag was everywhere.  It made me more excited to watch it.


The Hats

As a whole, the people who attended the ceremony wore some outrageous hats.  By far, my favorite hat was worn was Princess Beatrice.


Kate’s Dress

The first dress was by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen.  Although everyone thought this would be the designer, I’m still a bit surprised.  They tend to produce modern dresses.

The media built up the dress and kept insisting that Kate, the fashion icon, would wear something AMAZING.  So amazing that it would start a trend.  As a future Princess, you’re kind of required to wear a traditional dress (with sleeves).  Tradition tends to not be trendsetting.  Kate wore such a classic wedding gown.  I liked how romantic and delicate the dress was.  She looked beautiful in it and it was so flattering.   It reminded me of Grace Kelly’s wedding dress.  Yes, I like the dress, but I’m not sure if I love it, although the more I look at it, the more I like it.


Kate’s Hair, Make Up & Jewelry

Kate did exactly what I hope to do on my wedding day: look like myself.  Granted, it’d be nice to show up as the best version of yourself but completely transforming yourself is silly.  She’s so pretty as it is that she doesn’t need to do very much.  I like that she kept her hair down.  I think it was simple and pretty.  The girl has nice hair so she should let it down.  Plus, my opinion has always been tiaras look best when your hair is down.

My favorite part is that she did her own make up.  She had taken lessons prior to her wedding, but the day of she was all about DIY.  I would’ve liked her to ease up on the black eyeliner (maybe used a brown since it was so early in the day) but she still looked good.  It just goes to show that women can do their own make up for their wedding and still look amazing.  I think that’s an important thing to remember.

The tiara was a modest sized – nothing too out of control.  It looked very nice in her hair.  I loved Kate’s earrings and am looking for something similar (although with a sapphire to match my bridesmaids).  Not wearing a necklace was also nice because we were able to focus on the top of her dress’ lace.


Pippa’s Dresses

Pippa’s dresses were phenomenal.  The one she wore to Westminster Abbey was amazing.  I think that this will be more of a trend for bridal dresses than Kate’s!  The dress was also so classy and sexy at the same time, which is very hard to pull off.  It was conservative and yet fit like a glove.  The cowl neck, the lace edging, and the buttons on the back were all such beautiful details.  This dress, I loved.

Her evening dress was this beautiful green dress.  The jewel-tone color looked amazing on her and it was clearly made well.  This would be a beautiful bridesmaid dress, but I can also see it being turned into a wedding dress in white.  I’ll be honest, I loved this dress, too.

The Kiss

I missed the live event because I was commuting to work.  I watched it later online and saw pictures though, so almost as good.  Here’s a picture:

If you’d like to see it again, you can watch it online (courtesy of the BBC’s YouTube Page):

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c38lPvrPuT4&w=560&h=349]

They’re not really the type of couple that is all about PDA, which I like.  To me, the kiss seemed very genuine.  That they really do love each other and are so happy to be married.  It was a sweet kiss.  It’s not like they’re going to make out on the balcony with their parents next to them and the world watching.  Everyone who says it wasn’t passionate enough needs to calm down.


Kate’s Second Dress

Kate put on a second Alexander McQueen dress that was very simple.  It almost has the same shape as the first dress except less tulle underneath the skirt and obviously it’s strapless.  I still think that the shape is very flattering on her.  

Here’s a close up of the dress.  I don’t get the fuzzy cardigan, but I like the dress.  Kate traded in lace for a beaded belt.  It’s like my mom said, “A little bit of sparkle never hurt anyone”.  I think it makes an otherwise simple dress special.

My final verdict?  Kate played it safe with her choices and was true to her style: classic and beautiful.  While everyone will have different views on her dresses, you can’t deny that the girl looked good.

{Images from Zimbio.com and StyleBistro.com}

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Live Blogging: The Royal Wedding


It’s 4 AM in New York and I am watching the Royal Wedding.  Last night, I was very excited before going to bed.  It was the same feeling as when you’re seven and it’s Christmas Eve.  That’s silly, I know.  It’s a wedding for two people I will never meet.  It’s still very exciting (not enough so that I would have flown to England this week) and a lot of fun to watch.

I understand she won’t be leaving the hotel until 5:51 AM (our time) but it is a lot of fun watching people show up to the church in their hats.  Maybe I’m delirious from waking up so early, but I am seriously considering making everyone wear hats or at least fascinators to our wedding.  Some of these hats are phenomenal.


4:12 AM : There’s a man sitting in the crowd wearing a top hat and sipping on champagne.  Perfect way to start this.

4:15 AM : Prince William and Kate Middleton will receive the titles of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  Prince William will also become the Earl of Strathearn, and the Baron of Carrickfergus. No Princess title?  Really?  C’mon, Queen Elizabeth.  It’s Kate’s wedding day.  Let her be a legit Princess.

4:16 AM : David Beckham looks handsome.  Victoria looks lovely as well.  She does not look pregnant at all.  And good for her for wearing her own label.

4:18 AM : Just saw the wedding programs.  I’ll need to get a coat of arms.

4:19 AM : First batch of commercials.  That’s not bad because 1) I’m sure they’re making a ton of money for any commercials and 2) I’m surprised there weren’t any earlier commercials.

4:22 AM: Shortest commercial break ever.  They’re showing the Beckhams again.  It’s funny because once you’re in the Abbey, everyone is at the same level and just rushing to get to their seats.

4:27 AM : You’re at the royal wedding, and you’re not even going to put something in your hair.  Really?  It’s your opportunity to wear a ridiculous hat or fascinator.

4:28 AM : Commercials again.

4:30 AM : These commercial breaks are so short!  And we just saw Mr. Bean.  Awesome.  My uncle looks JUST like him.  It’s like he’s there!

4:31 AM : For some reason, they keep showing us the Rolls Royce parked outside of the hotel.  No one’s in there and we all know what they look like.  Calm down people.  Side note – it makes me a little sad we’re not getting a Rolls Royce for our wedding.  They’re so classic and make for lovely photos.

4:34 AM : Talking about her dress.  The Palace will send an email with all the details on Kate’s wedding dress.  They will literally hit the send button when she steps out of the hotel.  These ladies seem to believe that it will be Alexander McQueen.  Who knows!

4:36 AM : Will hats come back in fashion?  These ladies (and me!) hope so.

4:37 AM : Another batch of commercials.   I can’t believe how short these commercial breaks are.  I barely have enough time to make tea for myself!

4:40 AM : Where is Elton John?  Do you think he’s in one of the cars who just left Buckingham Palace.

4:41 AM : Interviewing Clemintine Hambro.  Aside from having an amazing name, she was a bridesmaid for Princess Diana.

4:46 AM : IT’S SIR ELTON JOHN!  Doesn’t he look dapper in his morning jacket??  The later you get there, the more important you are so yeah, he’s special.

4:49: AM : The hats coming into Westminster Abbey are getting larger.  I love this.

4:53 AM : These drummers are wearing tiger skin throws.  Seriously.  They look like rugs on top of them.  I don’t really understand why.

4:57 AM : Commercial break!

5:02 AM : I love the English Maples in the Abbey.  They’re so pretty.  At the same time, it’s such a pretty church that I’m not sure if I would cover it up.

5:05 AM : Apparently the Prime Minister stood outside and watched the wedding of Princess Diana to Prince Charles.  Now he’s in Westminster Abbey to watch the wedding between Prince William and Kate.  Talk about knowing you’ve made it.

5:07 AM : Prince William is breaking tradition by having Prince Harry be his best man (rather than just being a supporter).  I think that’s very sweet.  Maybe I’m naive, but the Princes seem to be very down to earth.

5:11 AM : Oh no, the Prince was supposed to leave at 5:10.  He’s late!

5:12 AM : THERE’S THE CAR! It’s a Bentley.  I love that both of  the Princes are in uniform.  They’re also wearing white gloves.  You can see them when they wave.  I wonder if Kate is watching this on TV so she can see what he’s wearing.

5:16 AM : The church bells are a-ringin’!

5:18 AM : And they’re at Westminster Abbey.  What a short drive.  Prince William just saluted an officer in a ridiculous hat.

5:19 AM : Prince William & Harry just took off their gloves and hats!  Looks like he’s sporting a comb over.

5:22 AM : The Princes are saying hello to people in the front area.  So friendly.

5:24 AM : Just sneaked a peek at Carole Middleton and her son James.  She’s wearing an aquaish blue – it’s a very pretty color.  Also, how excited do you think she is right now?  Her daughter is getting married – and to a Prince.

5:28 AM : I am getting nervous for everyone.

5:29 AM : I love that they’re all in British cars – Jaguars, Bentleys, and Rolls Royces.

5:31 AM : Momma Middleton and her son, James, just got to the church.  She looks fabulous.

5:35 AM : Prince William & Camilla, and some other royals, just left Buckingham Palace.  He’s wearing uniform as well.  It’s cute because he’s matching his sons.

5:38 AM : Camilla looks like she’s wearing white.  I hope it’s just a very light color that appears white in the quick glimpses we see of her.

5:40 AM : The headpieces are getting so good.  Thank you, Princess Beatrice.

5:41 AM : The Queen is wearing yellow!  She and Prince Philip just left Buckingham Palace.

5:43 AM : The bridesmaids & page boys are leaving the hotel.  They are adorable.

5:44 AM : Camilla is wearing a blue/champagne color.  Phew!  Everything is okay.

5:48 AM : The Queen just got to the Abbey!  Joe just commented on how she just hopped out of the car (even though she’s 85).  Also, these bells are going crazy.

5:50 AM : We’re going to see Kate Middleton soon.  I am SO excited!

5:51 AM : WE SEE KATE!!  Long veil, long-lace sleeves.  Her bouquet is on the small side.  The Palace released information on her dress on the Royal Wedding website.

5:53 AM : To the church!  I love that the top of her car is class.  I can see that he hair is down.  Also, it looks like a full wedding skirt.

5:55 AM : She has drop earrings and a tiara.

5:56 AM : The bridesmaids, page boys and Pippa walking into the church.  Pippa looks good.

5:58 AM : Kate is very good at waving.  I wonder if they have classes.

6:00 AM : Kate is at the church!  Pippa is coming out to help Kate.  Sarah Burton (of Alexander McQueen) designed the dress.  It’s got a modest sized train.  Lots of embroidery and lace.

6:02 AM : I am nervous for them.

6:04 AM : Prince William & Harry are walking up the the altar.

6:05 AM : Kate & her father are walking down the aisle.

6:09 AM : Kate & Prince William are on the altar together.  Prince William is quite chatty!

6:10 AM : Just caught a glimpse of Kate with her veil set back.  She looks so pretty.  Her make up is very natural.

6:14 AM : No one has objected to this union.  That’s good.

6:15 AM : The service is starting.  So fun!  They’re taking their vows.

6:24 AM : James is doing the only reading.

6:29 AM : So much singing.  I wish the television announcers would stop talking over it.  The choir is very beautiful.

6:32 AM : It’s Saint Catherine‘s Day!  How funny because Catherine is getting married today.  Was that planned??

6:52 AM : Everyone is singing “God Save the Queen”… except the Queen.

6:54 AM : Signing the registry.  Making it official!

7:01 AM : The family just walked out to their seats.

7:05 AM : Kate & Prince William are now walking out of the church.  Prince William just flashed a little smile.

7:08 AM : Walking out of the church and getting into their carriage!  Wait – Prince William has to put his hat and gloves back on.  The crowd is going wild.  They look so happy.


And now I must go to work.  The United States did not shut down today, unfortunately.  If only we had stayed British.

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